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  • About library
      Scientific and technical library of the National Aviation University is one the biggest HEI libraries located in Kiev, and the biggest among civil aviation libraries of Ukraine.
              It was created in 1947 on the base of faculty libraries of Higher educational institution. Funds include about 2 millions editions from different fields of knowledge, science and culture. The library’s editions fund devoted to aviation subject is the biggest full collection in Ukraine.The Library is named Scientific and technical, but taking into account content of the fund and flexibility of informative work it may be determined as universal library type.
              Library sources are used by about 17 thousands readers and subscribers of between-library subscription. The library is visited by more than 700 thousands users per year, and the amount of literature they obtain exceeds 1.3 million units.
              The library is located in separate building, occupies the area 6.9 thousands square meters. There are 6 subscriptions and 10 reader’s halls introduced to user’s usage. The library has the electronic catalogue of literature, which has been incoming since 1994. Electronic base of analytic materials with periodicals and card-table search system.
              The Scientific and technical library is the place of meetings of students with scientists, literature and art figures, veterans. Here take place different readers conferences, literature-thematic evenings, verbal magazines, bibliographic reviews.         Additional information about the library of NAU may be obtained directly in every structural subdivision.
  • Usage rules
  • Library structure
  • Funds
      The funds of scientific and technical library contain about 2 millions printed and electronic editions (including foreign language editions).
              More than 7 thousand new books and CDs are obtained every year. The library subscribes more than 400 thousand magazines, newspapers and informational editions.
              The library’s fund has literature that covers every field of university subjects: scientific works, reference and universal materials.
              The library stores different kind literature: books, magazines, newspapers regulation documents, ICAO materials, electronic materials.
              The fund of Scientific and technical library has about 900 of rare and valuable editions mainly dedicated to aviation.
              Among them are unique aeronautic books published in 1890-1925, M.Zhukovskiy works, literature for design, exploitation, repair of aircrafts produced in 1930-1940., Blockhaus&Efron Encyclopedia (1890-1904), literature of XIX century.
  • Reference search system
      The main part of the library’s reference search system is the electronic catalog (EC). It shows the fund of the library, allows a reader to find necessary literature in short period of time. The primary addition to EC is the electronic data base (EDB) of aviation analytic materials and higher school information, book supply electronic list.
              The general card index reference system of universal thematic articles, topographic catalog, auxiliary catalogs and card indexes for the different pars of the fund are also available for the reader’s needs.
  • Acquisition department
      The acquisition department along with the University stuff provides the library with necessary materials that cover every field of required knowledge. It organizes subscription of magazines, newspapers, scientific and technical informational editions, electronic data bases. The acquisition department performs electronic ordering and fund revision, electronic filing of materials for educational process and scientific activity of the Ubiversity.
              With the help of automated library information system (ALIS) “UFD/Biblioteka” the department works on improvement of all technological processes which provide document travel to the library, reducing the time spent on a period of acquiring a book from the moment of order.
              The department improves the technology of electronic reports preparation, introduces the convenient ways of interaction with scientists and teachers responsible for the fund development which is necessary for educational process in the university.
              The department improves the technology of electronic reports preparation, introduces the convenient ways of interaction with scientists and teachers responsible for the fund development which is necessary for educational process in the university.
              By means of “UFD\Biblioteka” module the acquisition department performs inventory and total records of new incoming materials, primary bibliographic description, bar coding, distribution of literature between departments and retirement of library’s literature.
  • The department of filing and scientific handling of Documents
      Scientific handling of new publications includes the full bibliographic description, assigning the systematic and shelf number to every document, definition of key words and thematic items according to international and Ukrainian standards.
              The department is responsible for creation of catalogue system both common bibliographic system (alphabetic, systematic, general) and service system composed of library department funds which serve the readers.
              An important task is improvement of technological processes of processing issues, their adjustment according to the automated systems and amendments in the classification table.
              Specialist of the literature of scientific and directories involved in the process of publication of educational literature-based publishing house at - organize these materials according to classification and determine the author signs for proper storage and fast search.
  • Department of Information and analytical and bibliographical reference works
      One of the main activity of the department is the organization and bibliographic information services to readers using traditional reference and search tools (DPA) library, which consists of a directory, files, a subsidiary fund of reference, bibliographic and abstract publications.
              The Department is the main reference index (MPC), which consists of two parts and analytically exposes the publication of Arts and publications on aircraft construction, operation and economics of air transport.
              Operational information specialists of the University is using digital media, namely: electronic catalog (EC) of thesis, electronic bibliographic databases (EBBD) on aviation issues and higher education, databases NB Vernadsky Library-society URZH "Source", RRZH "Воздушный transport, relevant Internet sites.
      Department of information and reference-bibliographic work helps users:
      - Identify publications for a certain period of time on topics of interest
      - Identify publications on the subject of research
      - Students find the necessary materials for self and other works
      - Read the publications and academic staff of NAU
      - Get information on where to store the necessary materials, specification of bibliographic data, factual information
      - Get information on publications laws and regulations
      - Get UDC to article
      - Get advice on how to find the necessary information and etc.
  • Department of multimedia software and technical support
      Department of multimedia software and technical support - structural unit of the library.
      Employees of the department dealing with:
      - Design and development of new software products to automate, improve library and information processes;
      - Organization of work for the establishment and operation of software for automation of library-bibliographic processes, workstations and users of library staff;
      - Technical and programmatic support electronic catalog, LAN, WEB-site, e-mail;
      - A digital library of modern issues and digitization of rare books;
      - Accompanied by two computer rooms;
      - Provision of instructional support librarians in using personal computers and software.
  • Scientific-methodic department
      Designed to improve quality of information and library-level processes for deploying innovation, research and application of progressive forms of NTB in the NAU.
              Ensure orderly functioning units and STL libraries Aviation Association of Ukraine on the basis of new technologies. Controls execution of scheduled tasks, monitor business processes in the units. Analyze the results of the NTB, and prepares information on its activities on request of administration at and Science of Ukraine. Conducts research and marketing research, introduces ST and democratic processes in the collective library.
              Explore the markets demand for library and search for ways of cooperation with organizations and institutions. Provides public relations NTB highlights experience in the media.
              Develop differentiated system of training to NTB in accordance with the continuous professional education in Ukraine.
  • Department of textbooks for junior courses
      Subscription Department staffed technical literature and humanities, in accordance with the curriculum of the first and second courses of all faculties and institutes. In the reading room is a reference and textbooks for all courses, periodicals.
              Record first-year students daily and distance learning is carried out centrally on lists submitted by Dean institutions.
              Subscription and reading room of textbooks for junior students serve readers every day except Sunday, from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday - from 9.30 to 16.00.
              During examinations of reading room is also on Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00.
              Located in the university department building number 4.
  • Department of textbooks for senior courses
      Serves students of the third-sixth full-courses, the Institute of Distance and distance learning students of the Institute of Postgraduate Education, graduate and doctoral students of Aviation and Space Lyceum, permanent representatives of the university.
              In the department - Subscription and reading room.
              Fund subscription is completed according to the literature curriculum stated above structures.
              Located subscription textbooks on the first floor of the library building.
              Reading Room, which is a joint department of scientific and technical literature, is located on the second floor of the library building.
              Subscription and reading room of textbooks for senior students serve readers every day except Sunday, from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday - from 9.30 to 16.00.
  • Department of textbooks at the Institute of International Relations
      Division is a subdivision of the Scientific and Technical Library, located at the Institute of International Economic Relations NAU. Holds over 25 thousand books on the subject of curriculum departments of international economic relations, international law and information.
              Subscription and reading room of students and teachers are appointed departments, and representatives of other educational institutions located near the university building number 7, which contains the unit.
              Mode User Services: daily except Sunday from 9.30 to 18.00, Saturday - from 9.30 to 15.00.
  • Scientific and technical literature
      One of the leading units of the library is a branch of scientific and technical literature (YTL), the structure which includes subscription and reading rooms: the scientific, technical and educational literature, legal and technical documents. Located on the second floor library.
              On subscription of YTL is recording, registration and service representatives of professors and other university staff.
  • Subscription scientific and technical literature and "FSU"
      The subscription fund contains the scientific literature of aviation and related sciences, radio, TV, construction and other technical and natural sciences, scientific journals, collections, documents in electronic form.
              Subscription to scientific and technical literature is a fund theses and publications with the signature "FSU". Issuance of these materials prior to the reading room in accordance with relevant instructions. Access to electronic theses databases available to users through the library website by connecting to the international system URAN.
              Single copy and most valuable publications on fund subscription can be issued only for work in the reading room.
              Subscription of STL serves readers every day except Sunday, from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday - from 9.30 to 16.00.
  • Reading Room academic, scientific and technical literature
      Serves faculty, students and students of all educational institutions of the University, students of aerospace school, university employees, and representatives of other agencies and organizations. Reading room in the fund over 20 thousand copies of scientific and educational materials for all courses of engineering faculties, reference books, literature in economics.
              Maintenance requirements are for the reader with a symbol cipher; equipped workstations to search for literature in the electronic catalog and electronic processing of orders.
              Reading Room located on the second floor library.
              Hours of User Services: daily except Sunday from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday - from 9.30 to 16.00.
  • Reading Room regulatory and technical documents
      Reading Room ECA serves faculty, researchers, graduate students, engineers and students of NAU, representatives of various institutions and organizations of Ukraine.
              The Foundation has over 70,000 instances of legal and technical documents. It includes: international standards (including guests), national standards of Ukraine, executive regulations, industry standards, international standards ISO, ICAO documents, periodicals of metrology and standardization, etc.
              Proceedings of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO are among the most valuable publications. The library receives a copy of the ICAO documents required in English and Russian.
              Fund is contained in an electronic catalog of technical documentation and support in the directories and files, such as: numerical ICAO directory, directory of archival topographic and contingency funds, filing cabinets of documents that lost power.
              Attention users of electronic index standards in force in Ukraine, the proposed SIC "Leonorm - Foundation.
              Reading Room regulatory and technical documents is open daily except Sundays from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday 9.30 to 16.00.
  • Department of Humanitarian literature and cultural-educational work
      By department includes the following units: Subscription humanitarian and fiction, reading room humanitarian literature, periodicals reading room, reading room with Ukrainian literature, interlibrary loan (ILL).
  • Subscription humanitarian and fiction
      Subscription contains books on economics, law, history, culture, art, literature, philosophy, ethics, psychology and so on.
              In addition, the subscription includes a large collection of classical and modern both national and world literature.
              Fund subscription humanitarian and fiction is about 130 thousand units, has control of all copies of publications related topics, including education. Responsible for the publication of the economy, sent on loan to the reading room of scientific and educational literature.
              The only reference copies of the fund or electronic versions of documents are issued only for readers in the reading rooms.
              To promote the Library as well as to attract readers to specific issues, employees are issued subscription book exhibitions on topical issues of history, politics, science and culture. Thematic exhibitions are prepared on request and outside organizations.
              For fans of popular genres such as historical novel, "Life of outstanding people," a fantasy adventure and catalogs consist of names relevant works.
              Subscription humanitarian and fiction serves readers all categories.
              Open to readers: every day except Sunday, from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday - from 9.30 to 16.00.
  • Reading Room humanitarian literature
      The main task of the reading room are differentiated operational serve different groups of readers. Foundation reading room staffed with subject information needs of readers in accordance with the credit-module training system, introduced by the university. Here there are publications on culture, law, history, philosophy, religion, and also well represented reference books, dictionaries and encyclopedias.
              Search materials are in the EC and elsewhere in the reference and research library staff. Effectively used filing cabinets maintained reading room staff to help the learning process, book exhibitions of new acquisitions and exhibitions literature on topical issues.
              Reading Room is working in close collaboration with humanitarian subscription and fiction.
              Available: daily except Sunday from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday - from 9.30 to 16.00.
  • Periodicals Reading Room
      Reading Room serves all categories of users. The Fund has more than 120 thousand copies of newspapers and magazines. There are 50 readers of newspapers and magazines more than 100 titles.
              Well represented in the fund periodicals aviation, space, technology, radiospravy, on economics, statistics etc.
              Complete special magazines "Radio", "Civil Aviation", "Wings Родины, Aviation and space in the reading room are kept for many years. For example, "Radio" is stored in STL fund since 1976, "Civil Aviation" - since 1960, "Aviation and space - since 1985. Information about periodicals is available at NTB and periodical indexes and informational publications, subscribed for a certain year, as well as directories and files are kept in the reading room. In addition, funds periodicals reading room of the exhibition reveal the "Latest", "Present" and others.
              Requirements for readers to specific periodicals are filled after a search of necessary articles in EBD analytical and reference kartotetsi maintained by the department of information and reference and bibliographic work library (k.13, ground floor). Requests readers to materials for curriculum subjects can be satisfied with content files and collections of sources, trained staff directly periodicals reading room.
              Reading Room located on the third floor of the library.
              Hours of User Services: daily except Sunday from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday - from 9.30 to 16.00.
  • Reading Room of the Ukrainian literature
      Special role in preserving national traditions and promotion of Ukrainian culture is a reading room with literature Ukrainian Scientific and Technical Library at NAU.
              The hall is collected edition of the Ukrainian language and literature, national history, works of representatives of Ukrainian intelligentsia appreciated the outstanding figures of world culture. Foundation room is nearly 1500 books, 1700 journals, over 100 thematic folders.
              Requests readers of literature in Ukrainian Hall met with library reference staff, files ukrainistiki established staff room, and - directories, dictionaries, guides, encyclopedias.
              In the reception hall by readers provide advice. Reading Room located on Ukrainian literature on the third floor of the library building.
              Available: daily except Sunday from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday - from 9.30 to 16.00
  • Interlibrary loan
      The task of interlibrary loan (ILL) - University researchers to provide the necessary literature, which is absent in the scientific and technical library.
              The existing system allows people to use the ILL book fund any library Ukraine and even overseas. This reader has to fill the order and submit it librarians responsible for the work of this loan.
              Period of use is received, one month, periodicals - 15 days, photocopy documents and multimedia - 45 days.
              Through interlibrary loan can not order and receive valuable and rare editions, manuscripts, theses, dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, but can be made and sent copies or electronic versions of certain materials or parts, etc. of certain articles.
              Literature, obtained through ILL can be used only in the reading room.
  • Reading Room for faculty
      Reading Room is designed for teachers and researchers. Use Lounge PPP can also senior students to perform research and diploma.
              Main Reading Room fund is 12 thousand copies of books and periodicals. This presentation encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books on different branches of knowledge.
              Copies of publications that have emerged in recent years, representing a permanent book exhibitions. In addition, the exhibition offered viewers a rare and valuable books on aviation, among which is the nineteenth book in August. Twentieth century., Literature to help participants in English teaching project, and the publication of autographs NAU scientists and university guests.
               Latest literature presented at the weekly shows.
              Reading Room for faculty located on the third floor of the library.
              Hours: daily from 9.30 to 17.00, except Saturday and Sunday.
  • Hall of electronic catalogs
      In this hall for readers services are available : - electronic catalog of the library;
      - Search engine;
      - Access to local resources of NTB NAU.
              Bibliographer consultant that helps to use search engines UFD / Library.
              Hours: daily from 9.30 to 19.00, Saturday - from 09.30 to 16.00, Sunday - closed.
  • Computer workrooms
      The library has two computer rooms (1st floor - room 19, 3 floor - room 29). For visitors, the following services are available: - Internet; br /> - Work with PC
      - Printing (A3, A4);
      - Translation;
      - Record information on electronic media;
      - Photocopying (A3, A4);
      - Advice on dealing with computer equipment;
      - Use multimedia electronic library;
               Hours of computer rooms: daily from 10.00 to 18.30, except Saturday and Sunday.

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